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My main goal in life is to help people. I know that sounds like a line, but I promise, it’s true. I know firsthand what it’s like to struggle with health issues and I’ve personally experienced the powerful impact of proper nutrition and positive lifestyle changes. I come to you from a place of knowledge, experience, and compassion.


I recognize that there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to wellness and that each person requires his/her own unique recommendations. When you come see me, I look at you as an individual with your own health goals and challenges. We work together to address all of the areas – physical, biochemical, emotional, spiritual, and energetic – that make you whole. We will identify areas that need help and work together to overcome any obstacles or challenges that are preventing you from being as healthy as you can be. 


My Educational Background: In 2004, I entered Northeastern University as a psychology major. It was interesting, but when I found myself reading nutrition books for fun, I decided that I was not where I needed to be. I transferred to Framingham State College (now Framingham State University) in 2006 and entered into the bachelor’s program in food and nutrition. I successfully completed my coursework and graduated from the program in 2009. My original plan was to complete a 900-hour internship that would set me up to take the test to become a registered dietitian, but something just didn’t feel right. Instead, I decided to go another route. After graduating with my bachelor’s degree in food and nutrition, I entered a certificate in holistic nutrition consulting course at the American College of Healthcare Sciences. I completed my coursework in 2010 and earned the designation of Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant. I am currently enrolled in a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition course, which will allow me to use lab testing to individualize my programs on a cellular level.


What I’ve Been Up To: Since completing my coursework at ACHS, I have written four books and have had more than 2,000 articles published across various websites. I’ve done individual consulting and group consulting; I’ve developed meal plans and recipe guides; I’ve lead group nutrition challenges; and I love it all. I’m constantly learning and growing.


My Personal Story: My educational background is strong and my nutritional experience is vast, but that might not be as important to you as my personal story. The truth is, I’ve had struggles of my own and I know what you’re going through. In my last years of college, I had my very first panic attack. Of course, at the time, I didn’t know it was my very first panic attack and I went straight to my doctor’s office. My doctor informed me that there was nothing to worry about, but that didn’t stop me. This one event would shape my life for the next 4 years. I fell into a dark place. I struggled with anxiety and every physical symptom you could imagine. I went to the doctor numerous times and had various lab tests. All of them came back normal. According to my doctors, I was in perfect health. It was all in my head. But was it really? I knew my body and I would not accept these answers. I decided to use my own knowledge and took control of my own health. I put proper nutrition, lifestyle changes, stress management, and meditation to work for me. I completely changed my diet and my habits, and as a result, regained control of my life. If you’re searching for answers, they’re out there; and I can help you find them.

What my clients are saying:
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